The PREMIER issue will be out in Spring 2018

Shows - Rallies & Gatherings
The Build: Piece by Piece
Join us as our Field Team travels the country and to exotic points beyond our borders visiting rallies, shows, cruise-ins and more to see some of the most fascinating builds and cars that have experienced a redemption and new life.
Going beyond just the article itself our online edition of REDEMPTION will let you tap into on line how-to videos and you tubes and listen and watch actual discussions from some of the best builders out there.
Every car that has been redeemed by a builder has travelled a journey unique to itself. Follow along as we journal and share some of these unique redemption stories.

You Can be on the COVER of REDEMPTION Magazine

That's right, now you can have your car on the cover of a leading magazine plus a story about you and your love for cars inside. Follow the link to learn more.
Meet The REDEMPTION Magazine Staff
  1. Nate
    "Cars are unique in every aspect, but to see what someone can do to a car to make it their own, there's nothing better. The reactions and compliments that you get on your build are the greatest things. Building a car is one of the most satisfying experiences I've ever been a part of. And now with REDEMPTION magazine I can reach out and help others experience this great passion too"
  2. Ryan
    "Cars give me a sense of peace. Knowing I've accomplished something. My cars is like my kids. There is never a price to pay for happiness. To me happiness is something you build with your car once you find the one that makes willing to put stuff into it. Building it builds a bond that only you will know."
  3. Renatta
    "I enjoy being around people who have put blood sweat and tears into their projects. Plus it's always an enjoyment to see a car that was out of its prime to come back with a pop. The car scene is full of passionate people that become determined and proud of how much they accomplish with their project. I enjoy being apart of those who can put differences aside just to gawk over their cars."
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